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Publications on this project (for all publications of Marguerite van den Berg and for downloadables, see here):


Marguerite writes a monthly column on precarity for the Dutch platform


Berg, Marguerite van den. (2017) Gender in the Post-Fordist Urban – The Gender Revolution in Planning and Public Policy. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Academic articles

Berg, Marguerite van den & Josien Arts. (2018). The Aesthetics of Work-Readiness: Aesthetic Judgements and Pedagogies for Conditional Welfare and Post-Fordist Labour Markets. Work, Employment & Society, online first: (open access)

Arts, Josien & Marguerite van den Berg. (2018). Pedagogies of optimism: Teaching to ‘look forward’ in activating welfare programmes in the Netherlands. Critical Social Policy, online first, (open access)

Berg, Marguerite van den & Bruce O’Neill. (2017). Boredom after the global financial crisis: From privilege to precarity. Theme section of Focaal, journal of global and historical anthropology, 2017 (78). Free download of introduction here.

Berg, Marguerite van den & Bruce O’Neill. (2017). Introduction: Rethinking the class politics of boredom. Focaal, journal of global and historical anthropology, 2017 (78): 1-8. Free download here.

Vulpen, Bram van & Marguerite van den Berg (2016). De stage als precarisering van arbeid. Ervaringen van afgestudeerde stagiairs in Nederland. Sociologie 12 (2): 149-168. (open access)

Conference presentations

Berg, Marguerite van den. (2017). Dressing the Urban Precariat. Aesthetic pedagogies and uncertain  masculinities in dress advice for the precarious. Conference Association of American Geographers, Boston, April 2017.

Berg, Marguerite van den & Josien Arts (2016). Becoming ‘representative’ in the precariat: Aesthetic judgments for conditional welfare in the Netherlands. Conference Interpretive Policy Analysis, Hull UK July 2016.


Adidasslippers: wie kan ze dragen op werk? Vignettes over esthetische arbeid in post-Fordisme. First of August Academy Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. September 2016.