Man in the mirror

A young white man we interviewed about his work admitted to never looking in a mirror. Sometimes, he said, he even forgot he had a face. Forgetting you have a face. What a privilege. When people look in mirrors they try to imagine the view others may have of them. As Sophie Woodward argued extensively … More Man in the mirror

What is wrong with talking about the precariat as a class

My new column for Sociale Vraagstukken addresses the question of what the current popularity of the term ‘precariat’ produces: a view on precariousness as a property of a particular class, a class at the bottom of our new class structure (for Mike Savage et al or the Dutch SCP planning bureau). I rather use the … More What is wrong with talking about the precariat as a class

New column: analyse van arbeidsmarktbeleid van Rutte III

Op analyseerde ik het arbeidsmarktbeleid van Rutte III en concludeerde dat de onzekerheid verder zal worden vergroot: Individuele werkenden moeten ‘kansen’ zien, zich schuldig voelen als ze die niet pakken en niet langer zoeken naar ‘zekerheid’, dat is iets dat toch vooral aan werkgevers wordt beloofd. Lees hier verder.

Why Size Matters

By Carmen Ferri Oversize fashion has worked on female bodies for decades. The latest adaption of this style however, suggests a new version of this trend that is situated somewhere in-between homey, daily and business casual look. Nadine for example, a freelance graphic designer, whom I interviewed for our research project, was telling me that … More Why Size Matters

The Madonna at Work

I found this advertisement in a fashion magazine. The product on display is the baby wrap (starting at 300 euro). The model in the picture, is, I think, supposed to represent a  working mother: she wears a striped blue shirt and carries a briefcase: no diaper bag in sight. The image exudes luxury: the luxurious … More The Madonna at Work

column series

Today, the first of a series of columns on precarity was published on You can read the full piece (in Dutch) here. Voorbij flex – hoe onzeker werk kwetsbaar maakt Onlangs liepen de onderhandelingen tussen de vakbonden en werkgevers over ‘flex’ spaak. De vakbonden wilden meer vaste banen, de werkgevers makkelijker ontslaan. Hoe je … More column series

Reading Mills’ ‘The unity of work and leisure’ in 2017

I was reading C. Wright Mills in preparation of my Public Issues and Policy course that will start next week and came across an essay that he published in 1953 called ‘The Unity of Work and Leisure” (in his collected essays: Power, Politics and People). In this essay, he laments the way the American middle … More Reading Mills’ ‘The unity of work and leisure’ in 2017