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Dr. Marguerite van den Berg M.A.vandenBerg@uva.nl

photo marguerite van den berg

Marguerite van den Berg is associate professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. She is interested in the urban, gender and work. In particular, her current work focuses on precarization and precarity. In Spring 2017 she published “Gender in the Post-Fordist Urban – The Gender Revolution in Planning and Public Policy” (Palgrave Macmillan 2017). She teaches in the Sociology program of the University of Amsterdam and is director of the Master Sociology at UvA.

Josien Arts J.Arts@uva.nl

photo josien arts

Josien Arts is currently conducting her PhD research in sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research is about the ways in which moral judgments and pedagogies as part of labour market activation contribute to and counterbalance precarity. By means of ethnographic fieldwork, she focusses on policy implementation on the ‘street-level’ in which bureaucrats perform evaluation and pedagogic practices. These daily practices entail collectively producing, contesting, actualizing and justifying moral and practical criteria for evaluating citizens and educating them to become ‘good’ citizens in an increasingly precarious social security system.

Laura Vonk l.a.vonk@hva.nl

photo laura vonk

Laura Vonk is a lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and works on her PhD research at the University of Amsterdam. Her research addresses aesthetic capital and aesthetic labour in the interactive services and creative industries in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.